We empower communities to work together and build innovative technology for the public good.


Danielle Robinson, PhD

President & Co-Executive Director

Danielle Robinson is a proven community leader and strategic advisor to researchers, librarians, and tech communities innovating in research and open source. In 2016, she completed a PhD in Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University, during which time was a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and advocated for policies that supported open access on campus. As a 2016 Mozilla Fellow for Science, she ran open source project management workshops around the world, explored decentralized approaches to data preservation. She now focuses on developing infrastructure to expand and protect open access to knowledge as Co-Executive Director of Code for Science & Society.

Joe Hand

Co-Executive Director

Joe Hand is Co-Executive Director at Code for Science & Society with a focus on developing and managing data-focused programs for researchers and community-driven organizations. Previously, Joe managed a global project at the Santa Fe Institute to transform data collection practices of an international NGO, operating in slums across 30 countries in the Global South.


Jessica Hardwicke

Sponsored Projects Services Manager

Jessica is the new Sponsored Project Services Manager at CS&S, providing support and structure to the growth of our fiscally sponsored projects. She brings her background in project management, open source bioinformatics, and community outreach & organization to CS&S’ community of open source public interest technology projects. Her favorite adventure as a researcher was studying hydrothermal vent microbes and (momentarily) piloting the Jason II ROV. She is driven to understand how things work and how they can work better, and has lead on a diverse array of projects & teams ranging from an open-source automated turbidostat to running workshops on composting in her local community.

Emily Lescak, PhD

Data Science Community Conference & Events Fund Program Manager

Dr. Emily Lescak is the Data Science Community Conference and Events Fund Program Manager at Code for Science and Society. She completed a Ph.D. in fisheries through the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2015. She has nearly 10 years of experience working in research data science focused on population genetics, evolution, and management of Alaskan fish populations. Emily was a 2017 National Science Foundation Broadening Participation of Groups Underrepresented in Biology postdoctoral fellow, has a strong background in mentoring, and leadership in science advocacy initiatives. She brings her experience working in academic and government research data science to Code for Science and Society, where she will be establishing a grants program to support conferences and events that promote inclusive practices and broaden participation in open research-driven data science communities. You can find Emily on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter @elescak.

Board of Directors

Kaitlin Thaney

Board Member

Karissa McKelvey

Board Member

Kristen Ratan

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Waldo Jaquith

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Josh Greenberg, PhD

Board Advisor